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    Being an educator is about helping others to achieve success and making learning fun for students. It is fulfilling to mentor other ALTs and to help them develop professionally. Let’s collaboratively share our teaching strategies.

    ALT Online Training, founded by Nathaniel, is an open source self-learning platform for ALTs. It has online teaching courses, and from there you can also bring your teaching expertise on r/ALTinginJapan on Reddit.

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    The process of developing effective team-teaching lessons is a work in progress. Over time, what you create can be shared with educators while also ensuring that you receive credit and recognition for your efforts.

    ALTopedia, created by Jake, is a collection of lessons made by ALTs all over Japan and hosted on a website for other ALTs to use. He made his website bandwidth available and accessible with your shared financial commitment to sustain its operation. Please include your lessons on there!

    Acquire certifications and skills that will be useful in your workplace. One way CLAIR encourages this is by providing two kinds of grants exclusively for JET Program participants: the TEFL Grant and the JLPT Grant

    Word of mouth of sharing about Eigo Ganbare, ALT Online Training, and ALTopedia. Advocate and bring awareness in “Getting your BOE to say Yes” on investing in team-teaching English in Japan. Together let’s bring hope, confidence, and happiness!

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