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Eigo Ganbare Timeline


Eigo Ganbare

Simplifying the contents of this website and putting more focus on developing online/offline digital interactive activities. Transitioning out from providing free team-teaching materials to having both free and paid tiers. This is to alleviate the operational expenses.

Encouraging ALTs to advocate collectively in that their BOE can invest on the benefits of team-teaching. The goal is to initiate educational grant proposals, innovate EdTech technologies, and not rely solely on free outdated materials.


Eigo Ganbare (2015)

Expansion of Eigo Ganbare!
Added the pen pal project, the English Club, and much more to include classroom technology.


Eigo Ganbare (2012)

Better layout of the website
and focus on team-teaching.
Established an official URL address:


Eigo Ganbare (Est. 2010)

Consisted of JHS worksheets and resources for studying Japanese.
URL address was formally