English Level 1 – Traditional Printouts

These are PDF worksheets that you can instantly use with your JTE or ALT. Please collaborate with each other to create a team-teaching lesson. One example, during class time is to demonstrate a pair model conversation like on these worksheets. Students learn from observing how a JTE interacts with an ALT and, both teachers will need to engage their students in incorporating the cultural aspects and bridging two countries’ relationship. On a daily basis, students can build confidence and acceptance towards foreigners. 全員参加で楽しくガンバロウ。

If you like your worksheets to be editable, you now can do that! However, you will need to put your own images in the ones you like. 

Duration: 50 minutes

Worksheet: B4 size

The first three are FREE and then, your Board of Education or school will need to purchase these. If you are an American JET ALT, you can apply a microgrant for your school through the American embassy and it can used for work-related purposes. I do not know of any other educational grants, but if you do know any, please share that with the ALT community on ALTinginJapan on Reddit or the group(s) you belong to. We are all trying to help each other. All of these materials are stored on TeacherspayTeachers.com.

1st Year Digital Notebook of Eigo Ganbare

Try it out!

If you prefer this kind and your school is equipped with sufficient classroom technology, your Board of Education or school can buy this.