The Pen Pal Project – Traditional Printouts

This is an exciting opportunity for your school to participate in the Pen Pal Project! You’ll be able to bridge two countries’ relationships by having your students learn and understand about the other countries’ cultural differences and customs. This develops a mutual partnership and real-world global skills in your students’ future. You also want to search for a school abroad that offers a Japanese language course! That way, both ends are exchanging letters in English and in Japanese. Students will become much motivated. Here is an example on the Pen Pal Project Gallery.

I also like to encourage your school’s English club to partake in being ambassadors of their school while their classmates and themselves are participating in the Pen Pal project. Check out the example on the English Club Gallery. 全員参加で楽しくガンバロウ。

If you are interested in starting this project and you, the ALT, are from the U.S., you may want to start with J-LEAP to get in touch with a Japanese Language Teacher or the Assistant Teacher (who’s from Japan). Perhaps, you can try The American Association of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ). Give it a try!

Digital Notebook of the Pen Pal Project

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